A style of painting related to Cubism, sometimes called Orphic Cubism, that employed overlapping planes of bright, contrasting colors. It was generally both more abstract and more colorful than other forms of Cubism. The name, chosen by the poet Guillaume Apollinaire (French, 1880-1918) in 1913, harkened back to Orpheus, the singer and poet of Greek mythology. Painter Robert Delaunay (French, 1885-1941) and his wife Sonia Delaunay-Terk (French, 1885-1979) were its chief exponents, beginning in 1912. He preferred the name Simultaneism. Other artists at times associated with this style were Frantisek [Franz or Frank] Kupka (Czech, 1871-1957), Francis Picabia (French, 1879-1953), Fernand Leger (French, 1881-1955), and Marcel Duchamp (French, 1887-1968).

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